Works -MeDeRe-


年月を経て 磨き上げられた美しさ。


美しいものを 美しい形で いつも身近に感じていたい。


Tools are beautiful.
The beauty is created and polished as the years goes by.
The more you use them, the more beautiful they are.
I always want to feel beautiful things on my side.
I always want to keep the love for them in my mind.

MeDeRu -mouse- / 2014 / 145×245mm

MeDeRu -lamp- / 2014 / 200×150mm

MeDeRu -2013- / 2013 / 900×450mm

MeDeRu -dish- / 2009

MeDeRu -cup- / 2009

MeDeRu -tokei- / 2009